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Latest from the Blog

Editors Thoughts

Editors Thoughts Seven

Hello everyone, my poem was actually kind of popular. That’s not something that I do a lot, I was only inspired by a situation my closest friend was in. However I may try to write a couple more if you guys are into it. I just don’t want to write something that’s bad, or just…

A Poem

Through the darkest days, and the brightest nights, I am there. I’m here sitting, I carry no fear for I am the feared. Within the reaches of my mind, I’m lost as I’m trying to find the peace I crave. However the only peace I found, are the hobbies that keep my feet on the…

What A Ride So Far

Once again it’s been awhile everyone. So much has been going on that I really haven’t had time to give to writing or posting. Me and my family are finally leaving the home that my grandparents had built 50 or so years ago. It has been hard but we’re getting through it. Currently, we’ve just…

This Week’s Message

Failure is the opportunity to begin again. Only this time more wisely. -Iroh

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