Editors Thoughts Nine

Editors Thoughts

Alright welcome to editors thoughts nine! Well it seems I’ve managed to skip two weeks again, my apologies. Work has been kind of rough, and I also had a schedule change. The news of Knights of the old republic getting a remake also made me revisit KOTOR. I am currently twenty two hours into the second KOTOR and it has been a blast. I love revisiting these older games, and getting that same feeling I did when I was a kid. New games can be good, but the love just is not there like it use to be.

Star Wars is something that I have fondly enjoyed throughout my childhood, and in my teenage years. Many of the games were great, the Shows are great, however not all of the new movies really did it for me. I just didn’t really enjoy them the same way. This Star Wars kick, has been a good distraction during the time I have to wait for my parts, and for my LLC process. My parts ought to be here within the week, though the ETA on the LLC is still unknown for now.

I have content planned when I have the parts, and time for my car. I’m thinking a video, or a post like this with in depth pictures, and instructions for replacing the specific suspension parts. There is not a lot of quality information out there about my specific daily. This is my chance to try and provide it. To be fair it is in the shadow of the top trim of the model as it is a popular rally car.

As for the business side of things, QuasiHobbies is a passion project, and I want to do it correctly. I am taking all the steps I need to ensure everything is right. My day job, and the odd donation is funding everything I do for this site. I am so glad, and thrilled that I have even come this far. Every bit of growth is small, and hard earned, But even the smallest bit of progress is progress. I may not be giving this my all just yet. Though I believe that I will be at that point within the year.

Editors Thoughts Nine Conclusion

I appreciate everyone that takes the time to read these little posts! I can not dedicate a lot of time and effort right now. Life is rough and we all understand this, that is why it is important to make time for our hobbies, and unwind. My dream is for QuasiHobbies to grow to the point where I can dedicate a lot of time, and effort to it. That is all I want. Anyways my back is killing me, I hope you all have a great Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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