EFT Night Raids

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Hello everyone! This post has sat in my drafts for about a week now, I have meant to finish it, and today I am doing just that. There has been some setbacks in the business side of QuasiHobbies but I won’t bore you with that here. The topic today is EFT Night raids, and they have been an absolute blast! “But Tyler isn’t there less action?” Well you would be right, my team does run into less players at night. Though scavs, scav bosses, and cultists bring a lot of excitement in the dark.

The Risks

Night time in Tarkov can either imbue you with a sense of fear, or a false sense of confidence. Fear especially comes into play even when first spawning in. If you happen to know spawns, you have a good idea of where players should be. With that can come anticipation, and trying to take extra steps to make less noise, or sit and wait for someone who might not even be there. Night servers are most times pretty empty, and the likelihood of all of the player spawns being used is really low.

Imagine this, you are walking slow in the stronghold courtyard. All of the sudden you get a knife in the back. You turn quick to see what just happened, but then there is nothing there. Panic sets in, and then you get clapped by a bush. That would be the cultists, most encounters with them typically end in death and anxiety. Unless you prepare for them in the first place.

If it is not Cultists or Players that make your heart race, how about Reshala slav squatting in a corner? I had this happen to me, and it just about sent my palm through my desk. What’s worse is that I killed his guards and knew he was there somewhere. I just could not find him while he was there laughing as he ended my Tarkov Career for the night.

On the topic of false confidence, after a few raids you may be prone to just sprint through the map assuming that it is dead. Pro tip: do not do that. You wouldn’t do that in a day raid, why would you do it at night? You can get away with so much more at night just don’t go overboard.

The Rewards

EFT Night Raids can be amazingly rewarding. The reason mostly being that there is less of a threat from enemy PMCs. However the threat is not completely gone it is still there to a point. With that being said, if you want to hunt scavs for any of the relevant quests go for it supressed, and you shouldn’t be bothered. You are also able to hit any loot location with little resistance most times. The biggest boon is being able to quest with little fear as long as you are at least as careful as you would be during the day. Being able to do all of that, and more is good enough reason to run night servers. Some night vision is fairly affordable, or if you are the frugal type a flashlight will suffice.

Are EFT Night Raids Worth It?

Short answer? Yes they are. With little to be lost, a lot of money and progress to be made. You just have to do what you would at day at the least. We have all been killed running a familiar, or “safe” route. But night can bring actual safety as long as you keep an ear out, and your eyes open.

If you have not been able to find a reason, or work up the will to run night raids I hope this post helps, it is useful, and after some time it is not as bad as it may seem. With that said I am going to leave this post here. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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