2080 Super Back In Business!

Ventus 2080 Super

Well I’m finally back on my PC after a Kernel error, that I suspect was caused by my 2080 Super. I honestly forget what made me draw that conclusion, as I gave up on troubleshooting, and just RMA’d the card a couple weeks ago. Today I got it back, and tested it out, and it is fixed. I have not a clue on what caused the issue, or what fixed it. I’m sure I went from average troubleshooting skills to adept however. That’s about as far as I want to take it though haha.

This caused me great mental distress, and gave me several different types of diarrheas’. The 2080 Super is a much nicer graphics card than my old 1650 super, but hell man. I am absolutely anguished, I will likely never buy a secondhand card again. I will buy a whole new pre-built, or build a whole new PC before I have to troubleshoot again.

Maybe I’m being slightly dramatic, but this genuinely sucked. Here is the positive though!

Re-Connecting With My Passion

Small White Perch

I went fishing, a lot. Boy did I have a good time, I haven’t went fishing this much since I was a teenager. Being able to re-connect to my favorite hobby has been eye opening. I have been going with my dad, hence why I have not made any content while fishing. It was my dad, and me, that is why I have not made any fishing content, I was just trying to enjoy the time with him.

I caught a bunch of small White Perch, nothing worth being excited about. However catching a fish, is catching a fish.

Quasi holding a Catfish
The rare picture of me, Quasi in the flesh.

We also caught a ton of catfish, slimy, stabby, little buggers. Though they do put up a good fight.

Quasi holding another catfish
Forgive my dads bad image quality.

I hope you are enjoying the photo spam, I just had a good last couple of weeks. Doing a bunch of fishing, re-arranging my house, and now my PC being fixed.

I’m going to write a whole post for this, but I have been growing on YouTube. Despite not making a lot of actual content, I have been making shorts, and I have gained a decent amount of subs from near zero. Keep an eye out for that, it should be interesting.

But thanks for reading guys, it’s great to be back to the old format. Be sure to check out all of my socials, I am doubling down, and trying to exponentially increase growth this year. 2022 is the year of growth, and I wish the best for all of my fellow creators that read these posts!

As always, have an amazing Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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