A Never Ending Struggle

My crashed car

Inexperienced Drivers Beware

What a struggle. My poor little sister just got her license, and she got into an accident in my car. I don’t even car about my car I am just glad she, and my girlfriend were okay. But I want to talk about what caused this why this happened. If you know a younger driver that is a little over confident on the road, be sure to show them this story. This is relevant, and this is relatable, this is real.

Let’s start with a little context before we get to the meat and potatoes. I worked hard, and bought my first car. The very one you see all smashed up above. I paid on it for nearly three years, and grew with this car. I drove it nearly 38k miles in that time, that’s a lot of driving. This was just the base model of my dream car, the Lancer Evo. I originally wanted a Evo VI but I digress. The point is this was my baby, my beginning to building something better, and now it’s gone. That could’ve also been people I care about.

So why did this happen, what could’ve made this happen? Well after I reviewed the dash cam footage it was blatant. My sister not only over confident, was also distracted. She stupidly thought she had right of way and had turned left, directly in front of a car approaching her at a possibly unreasonable speed. Obviously fast enough to do some real damage, but slow enough that the other party involved could’ve stopped before impact.

How To Learn

What could’ve been done to prevent this? My sister obviously lacked attention yes, but she also thought she was the only one that had a green light. No doubt a result of not paying attention in drivers ed. She thought she knew everything there was to know about driving. I’ll tell everyone now, no matter how good of a driver you are, no matter how safe. You are also likely to get into an accident. There is no changing that, this is especially true for young inexperienced drivers.

What you can do is remind them of safe driving practices, and maybe if you want to be a little extra include some trivia. One I get a lot of people with is “when is it okay to make a left turn on Red?” This one will cause most people to stop in their tracks, they either don’t know or they are wrong. In my state of MD the only time it is acceptable to make such a turn is when you’re turning left onto a one way street. I’ll tell you right now that this is not common, it is a specific set of circumstances.

As a older sibling, and a parent myself something that I think everyone can benefit from is trying to offer guidance. And mentor in a way that doesn’t come off as condescending to our children and younger peers. Constructive criticism is something that not everyone takes well, but it is so important to growth. Because without someone trying to help you see where your not performing well you’re going to struggle to improve upon your skills.

Who Is To Blame

I failed my sister, I didn’t offer her as much guidance as I should have. I was lazy and trusted her to drive my girlfriend just across the street to the store. That’s it, a two minute drive turned into an entire ordeal. Something that would not of happened if I was more proactive, and drove myself. I feel awful, my sister is going to face the consequences of her actions, and is most likely going to pay a hefty fine, as well as get two points on her fresh license. Over a two minute drive that I didn’t want to do. So take this as a lesson older drivers, something insignificant can quickly turn into something horrible. To the younger drivers, just look at my car again. This is what happens when driving isn’t taken seriously. My 17 year old sister had this happen. Be safe, be smart, and drive safely. I beg you.

I Hope You Can Learn From My Struggle

Just heed my warnings, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading. As always have a great Morning/Afternoon/Evening.

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