A Social Media Experiment

This video is kinda loud, be wary headphone users.

As I sit here in the Walmart parking lot, waiting for my significant other to do her shopping, I was looking through social media. I was wondering why some of my posts to Tik Tok, and my YouTube shorts performed differently. I have limited knowledge on how their respective “algorithms” work, so I tried a small sample size experiment.

I’ve made two posts each on both platforms, one with music provided by the platform, and without. Before I get into the results, I just want to mention that I don’t actually consume media from Tik Tok, or YouTube shorts. So I am unfamiliar with what performs well. This is just a small test I decided to do, to learn more about the format. Anywho, it took longer for the videos with the music to get the same amount of engagement that the videos without music received in a five day period.

From this I can infer that my target audience prefers engaging content, or something that is more entertaining, than current popular music. One of the videos I used for this test is at the top of this page, and received 1700 views in less than three days. Short form videos certainly do well in the moment they’re posted, but over time have less of a return than a long form video.

However it is easier to gain views, and engagement from short form videos. I gained a 100% increase in likes, and I gained between 8-10 subscribers with two low effort short form videos.

In the end I recommend trying out this format, and seeing for yourself if it will help you to grow your social media. I see this trend lasting, and possibly sticking around for the long run.

That’s all I had for this post guys, thanks for reading. Have an amazing Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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