Announcements and Changes

Another week has gone by, and here at QuasiHobbies we have some announcements, and changes. First we’ve changed our YouTube channel from gaming over to everything we cover here on the site. Second we’ve created a Discord server for our community. Overall we’re happy with the changes and additions, we’re also conducting more research into web design as well as product research. As well as working on dealer licensing for a couple popular brands, we’re looking to reach that stage by mid summer this year, However there could be delays. As for news with our YouTube channel, we’re scheduling two new videos, and they’re expected to be uploaded soon. Our next article will be on the delay of Intel’s 7nm processor die. If you’re into tech development, and PC components be sure to check it out.

Something else that has piqued our interest is the idea of a talk show. We also have livestreams in mind, as our following continues to grow we will do our best to come up with new ideas.

Here is an invite link to our community Discord enjoy! anything goes in our server. You can find different discussions, and discuss any hobbies with our mod team.

Anyways that’s all for this week’s announcements, and changes. If you enjoy our content please consider signing up for our newsletter to stay updated on new content. Be sure to check out our other social media channels. Thanks for reading and have a great day/night/evening.

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The sole editor, and Admin of Tyler conceived the idea for this site when he discovered that there was few to none general hobby forums. He wanted a place where all hobbies could meet, as well as like-minded people to create an interactive, informational community. This is his first attempt at building a community.

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