Another Break…Buying a Car

My parents new car.

I took another long break, during which I made a lot of improvements to my personal life, and it took a lot of stress off of my shoulders. Since I managed to put myself in a better position I was able to help my parents as well. I was able to get my parents a car. If you guys follow my Facebook page, you might have seen a video of there old car, the same posted below.

Poor Tahoe…

The old girl had around 370 thousand miles on her. Unfortunately my parents do not have the time or place to fix it. This is something my dad could have fixed but it was just time for something fresh. Sadly enough I did not learn anything about finances from them, I am completely self taught, and I am in a better place because of that. My parents credit is less than stellar, they never missed payments or anything, they just made poor choices.

The looks on their faces when we drove home from the dealership was priceless, and heartwarming. I am glad I am able to help them, now they can continue rebuilding, and I hope my dad can get back to his hobbies that made him happy.

This is part of my goal for QuasiHobbies, I want to help people, I want to make a difference, even if I can help a few people I will achieve that goal. Right now I am not in a place to help people, so I can only help myself, and my family. As my little love project grows this will change. I already have some ideas for charity coming in December, but that is for another post.

All in all this time of year is for giving, and loving your fellow people. If you are in a place where you do not feel loved. You are stressed or overwhelmed, we here at QH care about you. It is always possible to reach out with our contact form, and we will talk to you about it.

In The End My Parents Are Happy With Their Car

That is all that really matters, I just want as many people to be happy, and having fun as possible. That is my goal that we are going to work towards in the future. But until then, thanks for reading, and have a great Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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