Another Day In The Life of Me

A photo of a reservoir

Another day in the life of me.

Wake up and struggle to find the strength to breathe.

Spend time with my kids that are growing up to be just like me.

Come to find that my mom is struggling with a horrible disease.

Then she leaves, I have to ask her to please talk to me.

My whole family is missing her.

Then I loaned my car to my sister, but how would I know what would happen.

She got into an accident at an intersection.

My car is probably totaled, she might get two points on her license.

But at least she is okay, everything can be fixed.

Mom still hasn’t come back, leaving me more stressed.

Since when did a day in my life get like this.

Another Poem

I’m not great a poetry, and it’s been awhile. However these last few days have been horrible. I don’t know where else to turn to get this off my chest. Things just consistently turn upside down for me sometimes.

I’m not gonna complain, below are some hotlines for people in crisis, share them with your friends that have been having a hard time recently. I am also available to talk things out, just visit my contact page and fill out a form. I’m also accepting donations to help pay for this unfortunate series of events. That’s it guys, just another day.

National Suicide Hotline


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Youth Line

Text teen2teen to 839863, or call 1-877-968-8491

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Your contribution is greatly appreciated. Current donations are going towards personal crisis relief. I hate even asking, but this one is bad.

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