Another New Year Some New Wisdom

Editors Thoughts

Here we are, welcoming another new year. I originally wanted this to go up first thing on the first but plans change haha. I got really sick right after Christmas, and up until today I haven’t really felt like I could handle anything. I’m fairly certain I caught the flu, for the first time in like seven years. It really kicked my ass suffice to say. To be frank I did not have a good start to my year, it was stressful. 2022 has already shown to be an enemy to old people. With the sad unfortunate passing of Betty white, as well as some bad news about some other old folks personally close to me.

I am not looking for pity, I just cannot catch a break. I try to keep negativity away from here, though I can’t help it. This blog, or whatever you want to call it is just convenient to vent through. It’s almost therapeutic, sometimes I get nice messages, and that definitely makes me feel better about these situations. Other times I just feel like I’m dumping off my issues to people who have too many of their own problems. That thought makes me re-evaluate everything I want from this. My whole goal is to distract from those issues, at least temporarily. Obviously some issues are really important, but if you guys are like me, sometimes those issues feel like they’re crushing you.

Under the weight of those problems you feel like you can hardly breathe, let alone be able to act as needed to solve them. I procrastinate, maybe an unhealthy amount. Some days there is only so much I can accomplish before I feel like I can’t anymore. This leaves me feeling like I am letting everyone down, everyone that counts on me. Those that I have responsibilities to. There are days that feeling this way alone, can disrupt everything I wanted to get done. My near empty promises to this site, QuasiHobbies, my passion project? I procrastinate, because I can’t find the motivation to persist the way I need to, the effort I know I can give.

Even with the support you guys show, this is the Depression that I face pretty regularly. Many of you are like me, maybe worse, maybe better. However here is a little slice of the wisdom I have for dealing with it.

Even though this is the dumb one, I’ll say it first. It is the new year, make a resolution to yourself to do better, no matter how small. Try to do better every week, write it down keep a journal, or a note in your phone. Just try a little harder each week, daily gains can be even smaller. If you feel you’re past that, then try to push through the fog. Find a way to motivate yourself to push further and further to keep your goals. Maybe someone can act as a motivator for you. Lastly, just be you. If you can’t get up and be productive, then don’t. Don’t put pressure on yourself when you know it is gonna be a problem day, but always try to make time to shower, and eat, the basics.

But enough preaching, I don’t have enough wisdom to be able to back everything up 100% but these practices helped me get by. There’s still so much I have to say, but this has gone on for long enough.

I hope you all enjoyed my rambling, I think for this month, I’ll find a charity for mental illness to donate to. Have a great Morning/Afternoon/Evening all.

One last thing, the new year being better is bait, but maybe we’ll all be pleasantly surprised.

Don’t forget, 2022 is bait.

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