Another Week With More Issues

Red Dodge Pickup

It has been another week, and there is a whole new plethora of issues. First let me talk about the positive stuff, because there really hasn’t been much. First my girlfriends grandfather was ever so kind enough to source us a new vehicle after my sister wrecked my car. It’s a 2001 Dodge Dakota four door, which caught me by surprise. I didn’t know they mad the Dakotas with four doors. The only catch for this was that I help him do the work to get it road worthy. No problem, it’s only a couple part swaps, and it will be ready.

You see though, Dodge trucks are subject to rotting, and are notorious for being rust buckets. I know because I owned a 95, 1500, and that thing was rotten. I also did work on a friends 2nd gen as well, his was just as bad. Every single 2nd gen that I have seen that wasn’t babied was a pile of rust. However imagine my surprise to see that this Dakota was all that rusty, at least for being on the east coast. Though a part rotted away in the back by the leaf springs, and to be repaired the bed has to be taken off. But no biggie, just another week.

Time For The Negative

Well I think I have talked about my mom finding out she has cancer before. If not then yeah, it really sucks. Even more now, because the poor lady has kind of lost her mind. I am going to tell my story, not because I want sympathy, or to shame my mom. I just want to tell it so I can vent myself, because this has been hard, and it’s a wonder I’ve held it together.

Well starting about a month ago, my mom left us. She went somewhere with someone, and lied to all of us. She lied about when she was coming home, who she was with, and about everything basically. I couldn’t blame her for wanting some freedom, after all I would do crazy things if I found out that I could be potentially dying soon. This was hard though, because aside from me, she was the bread winner. She covered the majority of the houses bills, and supported the rest of the family. I covered all of the utilities, and focused on my classes, and training. She didn’t lose her job or anything, but it certainly almost put us in dire straights.

She did eventually come home, just to stay a week, and then leave again. At this point she has lost her job, irritated her entire family, and nearly sunk us. Luckily we pulled together, and were able to stay afloat for the time being. So far she has lied to us again for a solid two weeks, but promises she will be home. We will see. I am mad at her, but I understand. I understand the pressure she must feel, and the fears that she has. But I just can not wrap my head around her hurting us the way she has. It’s also not great that she has missed her doctors appointments twice now. It is just a big mess, and I needed to talk about it.

Next Week Will Just Be Another Week Too

Thanks for reading if you’ve gotten this far. Like I said, I don’t want sympathy, and I don’t want anyone to feel bad. I just needed somewhere/someone to vent to, because I struggle myself with some issues, and this hasn’t been easy to cope with. I appreciate all that read these posts, you guys really help.

As always have a better Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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