Asus Products looking at price increase in 2021

It would seem that Asus’s Technical Product Marketing Manager, Juan Jose, detailed in a post on the Asus PC DIY Facebook page the reasoning behind the price increases on PC components for the ongoing year.

Jose was quoted as saying, “We have an announcement in regards to MSRP price changes that are effective in early 2021 for our award winning series of graphic cards and motherboards. Our new MSRP reflects increases in cost for components, operating costs, and logistical activities plus a continuation of importation tariffs. we worked closely with our supply and logistic partners to minimize price increases. ASUS greatly appreciates your continued business and support as we navigate through this time of unprecedented market change.”

As if component scalpers buying, and the reselling components for as much as triple MSRP weren’t already an issue, now it seems more companies may follow in Asus’s shoes. Unfortunately the next generation of consumer PC components are becoming increasingly more difficult to find without paying a obscene amount of money, it would appear that the trend may continue through the summer of 2021.

Tyler K.

An enthusiast of many different hobbies, he recently started dabbling in building gaming PC’s, and PC gaming. He has been gaming since he could hold an N64 controller and has never stopped since.

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