Autumn Fishing.

That time of year when the weather cools off, and so does the water, this is when Bass start to feed and prepare for the much slower months of winter. In this article I’m going to cover three of my favorite hard baits for this time of year.

Starting off with my absolute favorite, a nice shallow to medium diving squarebill crank bait.

This bait really shines around hard cover such as, submerged wooden structures, and trees, as well as gravel beds and rocky dams. I see most of my success using this bait when I knock it against the structure I’m fishing, evoking a nice reaction strike. The biggest and most obvious downsides are obviously things like; getting hung up on the cover you’re fishing, accidentally smacking the bait on something hard while casting and breaking the bill (I break so many because of this…) and on most production baits, the hardware quality suffers i.e. things like the hooks and split rings, but the amount of fish that this bait produces make all the downsides negligible.

Second on my list is a crankbait of the lipless variety. Although not much different than a regular squarebill when it comes to fishing it, I started using a technique to make the lure behave as a dying bait fish. First, after making the cast I start with a slow retrieve, and after a few yards I stop the bait and let it sink to the bottom, then I pop the bait up and off the bottom two or three times and continue with a slow retrieve, repeat all the steps through the cast. I catch fish using this method pretty successfully, however it’s something I’m still experimenting with to perfect the method. I mainly use this technique on hard bottom bodies of water with minimum vegetation.

Proof of my lipless crankbait technique’s success.

Last but not least when my first two options fail, I rely on a couple different varieties of jerk bait.

Now there’s not too many different ways to fish these hard baits, you just jerk em’ pause for a moment or two and jerk em’ again, the only changes you can make is the cadence of your twitches and pauses. I fish these in any condition, near any cover, and even above grass beds, when all else fails , these usually succeed in getting lazy, lethargic fish to bite, all you have to figure out is how fast or slow they want it.

All in all those are my three favorite hard body baits for the autumn months, of course there’s many more choices, and techniques to cover, and we’ll get to them in time, but for now I hope you enjoyed the read, and maybe even learned something. I would appreciate if you took the time to subscribe to our emailing list to keep up to date on any new articles, and any new features we add the the site. Anywya thanks for reading and tight lines!

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