Back 4 Blood Review

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening everyone! Yesterday one of my friends gave me a beta code for Back 4 Blood. Now this is a game I had my eye one since I am a fan of the original left for dead series. Me and a group of three friends ran through the first act, these are my first thoughts. I also want to talk about my thoughts for the game moving forward.

First Loading In

My first time hosting the lobby for my friends and I, there was heavy lag. It wasn’t unplayable, and ended up going away after we started anyways. I chocked it up to server issues, and I imagine that won’t be an issue upon full release. We all ended up messing around in the starting areas shooting range and killing each other for at least 20 minutes before we started. That feature by itself was worth giving it a try. One of my friends told me about quickplay, and matchmaking issues when playing with only two people. I have not tried to recreate this, or encountered myself though. I’m sure that it was just a beta hiccup and I hope it stays there.

Starting Act One

We all loaded in pretty easily, by now any connectivity issues have passed, and we got our starting gear. I love the variety in weaponry, though basic enemies fall in only one or two shots anyway. The card system is relatively simple, I think that maybe it could use a little better explanation upon start of the game, just to give basic understanding. I liked the map design and the actions required to progress. My group started on the lowest difficulty so I could gather information for this post, and we ended up blowing through it. The end of the act still posed a decent challenge though we didn’t come anywhere near close to failing. My understanding is that the different difficulties are scaled pretty well, and will require more teamwork accordingly, which is pleasant news.

Ending Act One

We completed act one and landed back into the staring area. Having a “social hub” is an interesting feature. While I have kept an eye on this game, I haven’t followed its development and I am unaware of the direction the devs want for the game. I am interested in seeing where it goes, while I liked what I played I would not pre-order the game. However it has instilled the nostalgia of playing Left for Dead for the first time. I like the new features and details put into this game, as well as the way it plays.

Back 4 Blood Final Opinions

Overall I think there is real potential here for something great. New life added to the zombie genre that isn’t call of duty, or Horror style like Resident Evil’s new direction. I remember when Left for Dead came out when I was just a pre-teen, me and my cousin played for hours, and it was a blast. Back 4 Blood took me back to those days, and it is rare for any game to do that. So my last thoughts on this title is that I am going to watch it with more interest, and grab it a day or two after release for any hot fixes that may need to be implemented. Upon closing the game a survey appeared, I did answer honestly on some gripes, but they’re not big enough to really be upset about. But that’s really all I have to say about it. The game is fun, nostalgic, and has fun gameplay. Those qualities are worth buying alone. That’s all for not everyone, Have a great Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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