Back To Work!

After a short break to try and decide on a new direction for articles and blog posts I am back, and ready to make a stronger commitment and at least making one new post every week. I also am looking to any readers that have stories or ideas to share, fishermen tales, cool stunts with RC cars, even something cool that you have made woodworking/metal working etc. After an explanation and any video or photo submissions I’ll put everything together in a post for everyone to see. I’ll start with a short section below, however if this is something you would want to take part in go ahead and leave a comment, or go to the contact us section and send us a message or email.

Such a sad day for berries everywhere….

What you see here is three cases of strawberries, and a case of raspberries. About a month and a half into my new job selecting cases of food and drinks, for an unnamed company, for anyone that has never worked a supply chain job, I can tell you that while most of the time working in a warehouse isn’t necessarily difficult, it can be really strenuous job. I can’t tell you just how stressful it is for your tediously stack pallet of fragile produce to tip over right at the end of this leaving you to re-pick the damaged cases, and to clean up what you dropped all while maintaining a hourly case rate. Suffice to say I was ready to park my jack and just leave, the part the sucks the most is just how often this can happen, and don’t even get me started on live flowers….

Anyways if you have a similar story or experience be sure to share, and you have a story or helpful article idea be sure to contact us, thanks for reading.

More crappy work conditions, but that’s a story for another time…

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