Bethesda CEO And Co-Founder Passed away.

Much to our dismay, the Ceo and co-founder of Bethesda game studios has passed away. Robert A. Altman’s company is responsible for some of our favorite game releases here at QuasiHobbies. Game series like, Fallout, the elder scrolls, and Doom to name a few. This was very saddening news. I wish the best for his family, and may they have the privacy, and strength that they need to make it through this very difficult time. Bethesda has acknowledged his leadership and compassion, as well as saying that he was a true visionary, and a great friend.

Bethesda’s Timeless Games

When it comes to making top tier, although kind of buggy games, Bethesda is second to none. Having played most of these titles in my teenage years, and the more recent titles now, all that I can say is that they are consistently good. Everything from Fallout 3, to whichever version of Skyrim we’re on now, and up to Wolfenstein new blood. All of these games brought me thousands of hours of enjoyment. The same goes for nearly all of my friends. From spelunking through the caves in Skyrim, to rummaging through the great vaults in the fallout universe. Killing Nazi overlords in Wolfenstein, ripping and tearing through demons until it is done in Doom. These are truly inspired titles, and if it weren’t for Bethesda, and Zenimax we would never have the chance to enjoy them.

Bethesda Ceo and Co-Founder

I have seen nothing but praise for Mr. Altman. He was truly admired, and will be missed dearly. May he rest in peace.

I truly hope that whomever take his place has the same vision that he had.

The End

This was an emotional post to type. I am incredibly passionate because I essentially grew up with these games, and they gave me company in my darkest times. now it is our time to be there, and provide support in this dark time. However that’s all for this post everyone. Below you can find the rest of social medias. We will also be updating our weekly qoute with one of Robert Altman’s. thank you for reading, please go and show Bethesda your support on every platform you use.

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