Caught Slacking Again Guys

Chrysler Sebring

Well I am in the midst of an ass load of technical issues, and I’m slacking again. First off let’s talk about the good things. I am no longer carless, I went from my semi-nice Lancer to this shit-box Sebring.

I did get it free from my grand dad, so I can’t complain too much. Thing is mint though, you have to hold the glove box closed with your knees. The trunk was full of loose tools, and three separate jacks, and jack stands. The trunk leaks, the hazard button is hanging out of the dash. It just had its exhaust worked on, yet has an exhaust leak. The check engine light is on, and I haven’t found the OBD II port yet. This thing is like my second true shit-box, but it is really bad. Not bad for a historic car though, I don’t get to drive it every day, but it’s not like I need to any way.

Whether this is a good thing or not is yet to be decided. But my family moved out of state, they wanted me to come, but with the little bit of information they gave me, I didn’t think it was wise to do so. They just took their first truckload to their new place, and will be back in a few days for the rest.

The Negatives That Have Me Slacking Again

The biggest, and absolute most aggravating thing I have had the displeasure of suffering through, is my PC crashing certain programs. I am fairly tech-savvy I can normally diagnose, and fix any issues. However this seems to be a random onset issue caused by hardware, however all of my hardware seems to be functioning fine. So it looks like I have to wait for some new drivers/updates to determine what it is. It is just frustrating because it was fine on the 3rd, and scuffed on the 4th. I am unaware of any updates that might of happened in that time. I’m working on it though.

Next thing is that I have to prepare to move myself, I hate moving. I have friends that would help if they are not busy, problem is they usually are. The next thing is that insurance is giving me grief over my sisters accident. That has been a headache, and then speaking of aches, I’ve had a vasectomy. I didn’t think I would be awake for it, so imagine my surprise, I could write a whole post on that. Now that I think about it I probably will, so if that is something you have considered having done, I’ll have a post with my experience, as well as the process as I had my doctor explain the process as he was doing it. I had to distract myself somehow.

That is it though, just a bunch of small things that have had me distracted for the past week or so. I like to avoid losing motivation, but that was a rough combo. Oh and I forgot to mention I am halfway done my classes as well. That has me busy too.

Anyway lads, and lasses that’s it for this post. I already have a couple more in the works, and I’m bringing my fishing content back. Tis the season after all, but I will not be caught slacking again. Have a great Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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