Cold Weather Yellow Perch Fishing

It will soon be that time of year that yellow Perch (pictured above) are ready to spawn. During this time they’ll be caught in droves. Many fishermen look forward to this time of year. Many people catch these fish for food since they’re relatively easy to find and catch, that is if you can find a bait shop selling minnows. Though small minnow imitations will work equally well. I know this is one of my favorite fishing seasons, partially because of the details listed before, but it’s also a great deal of fun just to go out with an ultralight rod to do some catch and release Yellow Perch fishing.

One of the best seasons I’ve had just happens to be the one most of these photos are from. My old fishing buddy and I fished around the upper Chesapeake bay area for these fish, and during this particular season we very seldom caught fish below 10 inches long.(Minimum size limit at the time).

Learning how to catch Yellow Perch

Yellow Perch are pretty easy to target. The techniques you could use are all relatively simple. The way my buddy taught me was to use monofilament “top/bottom” rigs with 1/4 ounce up to 1/2 ounce weights. We used either light action or ultralight rods for the best sensitivity and to have best fight for the fish. I believe that I used size 2 straight shank barbless hooks, and used bullhead minnows we found at Herb’s tackle shop. While closed during the winter months, you can stop into the barbershop attached to the bait shop, and they will be happy to provide any bait you need that they have in stock. This rig is best used by slowly raising your rod tip and lowering it to create a bouncing motion. Pair that action with a slow retrieve and you’ll be catching these fish in no time.

Yellow Perch aren’t the only fish you can catch fishing this way at this time of year. Crappie are also found abundantly as well (shown below). Crappie are normally found suspended next to most kinds of structure. The trick is figuring out exactly which depth they’re suspended and keeping your bait/lure there while you try and entice a bite.

Time for a conclusion. Many readers will be experienced fishermen, I figured some fundamental information would prove useful for those who’re uninitiated in fishing during the colder months. Thank you for reading! If you would like to submit a story or an idea for a blog/article go to the contact page and submit a message.

Tyler K.

Started fishing with his parents when he was three, and has continued to teach people to fish in recent years. As well as volunteered to assist in local events. He also recorded short videos for said events.

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