Current Events In Ukraine

What’s Happening in Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine is dire. Politics are a no-no here, but we cannot ignore this. There’s a ton of misinformation being spread by both sides during this invasion. We won’t know the full scope of what exactly is happening for awhile. So for now all we can do is support the people of Ukraine, and rally behind there cause. The absolute best we can do, is contact our representatives, and urge them to take action. “But what good will that do?” you might ask. Well if a large number of a Reps constituents all call and write emails, those messages cannot be ignored. At least not if they want another term.

There is another important detail to remember during this conflict. Many proud Russian people do not support this action taken by Russian President Putin. Russia has forced conscription, and this means that many of the soldiers currently invading Ukraine are being forced to be there. Neither side wants to be there, but both have to fight for there lives and country.

This is a complex situation that can have a couple different outcomes. I recommend looking into the history of Ukraine and the USSR, not only is it fairly interesting, but it will also shine some light on why this is happening. I have a fairly vast knowledge of government/military history. I’m not going to turn this into a lesson. However I do really suggest reading up on the topic.

What Are The Outcomes

First and foremost, Nuclear war is very unlikely. The odds are never zero, however this is something that is something a lot of people have in their minds. But something to remember is that nukes are a bluff, they are not profitable, nor do they give power. For what power do you have if there is no people to rule over. But in the case mutually assured destruction is imminent, do yourself a favor and get close to the blast. A nuclear apocalypse is not something you want to live through.

World War III This is fairly likely. The U.S. and NATO decide to aid Ukraine against Russia, and Russia declares war on a NATO country, and the rest are drug into the conflict. This will effectively kick off WW3 as China will surely support Russia, and Invade Taiwan. Nothing good will come out of this outcome.

Ukraine capitulates, Russia successfully takes Ukraine, and installs a puppet government. This one is fairly likely as well, Ukraine has had a few puppet leaders over the years, and this would be more of the same. NATO does nothing, neither does the U.S. and Putin may start to look at the other Former USSR states.

In my eyes this one is the most likely. Russia fails to fully capture Kiev and the rest of Ukraine, and settles taking the eastern territories. I think this is most likely because of the outside support Ukraine is already receiving, as well as the fact that Putin is a greedy bastard indeed, but he is not stupid. At some point other countries will get involved, and then it’s a toss up between this option, and WW3. We can only wait and see.

Apologies For The Doom And Gloom

These are just the realities of the situation. They are all possible, but possibility is a tricky thing indeed. I just think it is important to learn about these things, and be aware of what can happen. We need to all plan for the near future, because it is uncertain. To me uncertainty is the thing we have to fear most.

Thanks for reading, be sure to do your research. And be sure to prepare, and support our Ukrainian friends. Also don’t hate the Russian people, for not all of them want this.

Have a good Morning/Afternoon/Evening everyone. If you’re Ukrainian удачі друзі

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