Editors Thoughts Eight

Editors Thoughts

Welcome to Editors Thoughts Eight! It’s been awhile once again, however this time I have been sick myself. I won’t get into all of that but I am alright. With that lets get right into what has been on my mind.


I participated in both the open, and closed betas in Back 4 Blood. The game felt good to play, and I had few issues or dislikes about the game. It made me feel nostalgic for the days back when Left for Dead first came out.

I am finally starting to break my addiction to Tarkov, this wipe has been pretty fun. Although it has definitely been more difficult, I’ve been suffering more from playing it than I have enjoyed it. Therefore I am taking a break, and returning to less hardcore multiplayer games, and single player games. In this instance I have started to rebuild my PS2 collection. I used to have both a PS2 slim, and a thick one. I also had a game library in the neighborhood of about 160-200 games, all lost because of a family emergency. I don’t hold a lot of value in worldly possessions so it wasn’t a super big deal, but these days I’ve been wanting to revisit those glory days.

It’s a long shot, however I am interested in purchasing working PS2 games, if any of you have some you are looking to part with please visit the contact page and fill out a form or email me with PS2 in the subject line, I would greatly appreciate it!


I have also since changed employers. I have to a much better paying position, and have an extra day off. I’m still considering getting my traders license, and maybe getting some more professional help to smooth things out. My original goal was for QuasiHobbies to be an online storefront. I have slightly shift that goal, and want to build as a brand, and only selling trusted goods, and from other reputable brands. I’m working out the details but that is something to keep in mind for the future. For now I’m saving for my own house, though I make dip a little into those savings to help this goal along. Only time will tell.

New Content

I keep promising new content on different platforms, but often fall short on that promise. For that I apologize, I have been having a tough time with actually sitting down and recording for something like that. Recently I have been working on editing, and photoshop, I honestly started pretty late with everything, and I have to play catch up for a bit. No worries though, I will fulfill my promises.

End of Editors Thoughts Eight

Well that was Editors Thoughts number eight, we’re getting up there in numbers now. This is one of my favorite series because I can just talk about whatever I been thinking. It is very therapeutic, and I always feel pretty good after typing it all out. Anyways thanks for reading everyone, keep an eye out for more coming this weekend! Have a great Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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