Editors Thoughts Five

Editors Thoughts

Welcome to Editors Thoughts Five! I know, I know it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me. If you caught the last post I made then you’d know that I’ve went through some pretty bad business. I won’t speak to much on that right now, but my grand mother is coming home to live out the rest of her days surrounded by family. Really that’s all I could ask for. Anyhow I’ve been hard at work, It’s been pretty draining after being out for such a long time, but it’s refreshing. I’m settled into my schedule now, and I’ll be back to making regular posts, and working on different stuff in my spare weekend time.

I’m considering pulling some videos from an old project, and uploading them to this channel. New stuff would definitely be more preferable however I’ll consider it as an ice breaker. I’m still trying to decide a schedule for streaming as well, I typically play with friends most days, and I’m trying to find a good couple days for consistent streams.

As for the games I’ve been into, I’m still neck deep into Escape from Tarkov. I have no clue why, but that’s still my favorite “competitive” game for now. I’m also still in the middle of a Skyrim playthrough, and have plans to play a few of the Wolfenstein games. overall I have a full plate game wise.

Since we’re getting into warmer weather, I’ll be getting back to working on my Mini Bikes. I would like to do a proper review on one of them, and finish building my other one.

End Of Editors Thoughts Five.

That’s all I’ve have on my mind for now. Everything is going back to normal for the most part, so thank you for your patience, and for reading. Have a great Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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