Editors Thoughts Four

Editors Thoughts

Welcome to editors thoughts four. I have been run pretty ragged recently. Unfortunately my grandmother is back in the hospital, and this time it’s not looking good. Her primary care doctor was negligent, and didn’t check her heart, or her breathing at her last appointment, even though the concern was brought up. “we’re here to talk about your foot”. She was told. Turns out my grandmother has congestive heart failure, and fluid in her lungs. If it wasn’t for the follow up at the specialist who performed her amputation, we would have found her passed away. Anyways, other than gross negligence. I have also been working on my Bass playing, and spending time with the kids. Today, March seventh marks the day of my grandfathers passing, five years ago. I visited his grave, and spent time talking about life has been treating me, I miss him dearly.


With all of the sad stuff out of the way, I want to talk about the games I’ve been playing recently. I still have that escape from Tarkov bug. Me and my friends have been killing it nearly every raid. I have also started a play through of Skyrim. After the passing of the late Bethesda CEO and co-founder, I wanted to revisit some of my favorite titles from Bethesda. I may even do a series for them on YouTube, time will tell.

I have also got back into one of my favorite childhood games. The game is Castle Miner Z, I have missed it in all of it’s blocky glory. This game was one of my favorite indie games during the Xbox 360 era. It used your Xbox 360 avatar as your in -game character. The game was much like Minecraft in it’s resource gathering, with a simple crafting system. Combat with the various enemies was also simple although nerve racking with the sounds they used. There are also dragons that serve as the “bosses” which do prove challenging early game, and depending on your difficulty fairly annoying. It is possible for dragons to destroy your structures in the harder difficulties. This game can still be found for 3.99 on Steam, and can be played without any technical issues.

End Of Editors Thoughts Four

Another week or two is down, and really not all that positive. But that’s life, it’s a rollercoaster, and sometimes you got to ride that wave. What’s next for QuasiHobbies? you’ll have to find out in our next post haha. I have been recording some so maybe keep an eye on YouTube? Until then have a great Morning/Afternoon/Evening everyone!

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