Editors Thoughts Six

Editors Thoughts

Welcome to Editors thoughts six, I have so much to say, and I’m not sure how much I can. So much is happening, and has happened. So first and foremost my grandmother passed away. That is the reason for my absence recently. If that wasn’t enough I also have moving stressing me and my family out as it is related to my grandmothers death/debts. we’re all working through it as best as we can, however we’re not rich. My credit is decent, but I also make the least amount of money. Me and my dad went to an open house today, and we might have gotten lucky, however I won’t know for a few days. I can only pray that this works out.

Anyways, I’ve been so busy with that a lot of other stuff has happened recently. The current AMC situation with the upcoming squeeze is going to be something for the books. The current consensus is that if everyone holds, we could potentially see one hundred thousand a share. Theoretically it could, however realistically I just don’t see it happening. I’m not a financial advisor, however there is money to be made on AMC and I believe it’s a good investment. Doge Coin is down, though the floor seems to be about .30 cents. After the AMC squeeze I’m sure focus will swing back to Doge. Although Crypto as a whole is down, we will see just how long it takes to recover.

There hasn’t really been anything new in the gaming scene, The new far cry trailer kind of looked bad. It has been hard to find anything new to get into in general. Most new releases are lack luster. With that being said the current wipe on Tarkov has been getting pretty stale as well. A close friend of mine has suggested a game call hunt showdown to me, and I have to say it looks pretty fun. It has the potential to be my new addiction at least for a little while. Me and my friends are also contributing to fresh playthroughs of all of the Borderlands games, and it has been pretty fun, and refreshing just playing something casually. There is your reminder to take a break from difficult or competitive games, and relax for once.

I haven’t been on too many excursions recently, but when I have I didn’t really catch anything. Fishing for anything other than panfish just hasn’t panned out. After we can settle back down, and stop our worries I will get back to fishing hard as much as possible but for no it’s just not.

End of Editors Thoughts Six

Thank you very much for reading, I know I keep promising more frequent, and consistent content. However life makes fools of us all. I don’t know when my next post will be because my PC will be at a friends place until further notice. I promise I will come up with something.

Forgive me for the bad picture. Above is my wonderful grandmother Patricia Kendall. This was back when my daughter was a newborn. Just about five years ago, I hope she can rest in peace along with my grandfather in the afterlife. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful Morning/Afternoon/Evening.

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