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This will be kind of a different post. We are going to be running a new series of posts called editors thoughts. Today we just want to talk about different things, the political climate is incredibly volatile these days, not to mention the entire situation with Covid. Anyways onto more pleasant things, Intel’s former Ceo Bob Swan has stepped down and will be replaced by Pat Gelsinger. From my understanding this move was made in order to try and help progress Intel away from their 14nm process. While I don’t know a whole lot about the subject myself, what I have seen, is that many of Intel’s fans seem happy about the change. Hopefully we will see something come from this change later into 2021.

I am personally more of an AMD fan when it comes to CPUs and hopefully I’ll be able to score a 5600 sometime this summer. It’s still very apparent that scalpers are still buying and reselling these components for insane prices, many people also blame cryptocurrency miners for buying vast quantities of GPUs for their farms. However Bitcoin is no longer easily mined with regular PCs a few other popular currencies are. I believe if more people mined, there would be less incentive for miners to buy so many graphics cards.

Switching subjects completely, I’m also still waiting for the yellow perch spawn that is slowly making it’s way to my area. I have went on a couple excursions recently with very little luck. Hopefully things will start to kick off here soon. When it comes to other species during winter, I’m far from a pro. I can manage to catch a few bass, and some pan fish but that’s about it all winter long. I’m always striving to improve, but river fishing is already fairly challenging, not even to mention from shore. The ponds that I also fish are pretty tough to fish this time of year as well. They’re fairly shallow, and the fish are more lethargic than me on a Monday morning.

Welp I just got a call that my buddy’s radiator just went up so that’s all for this editors thoughts. If you liked this article consider signing up for the newsletter to never miss new content. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think. Thanks for reading!

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