Finally Getting Started On YouTube

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Like the title says, I finally started posting on YouTube. I beat around the bush for awhile, but I want to talk about some universal tips, and some stuff I found that would be useful for everyone that’s starting.

Project Lure

Above is my first video I posted, it’s part of a planned series I call Project Lure. The idea is to talk about different lure types, and their uses. If you watch it, there is a few things you’ll notice. For one my audio is terrible, random pops and just half way done. I still uploaded it anyways, just uploading is good enough when starting. Consistency is what matters, one upload a week will do. The quality will come as you get better at the various aspects that go into video creation. So the idea is to upload regularly, and get better as time goes on.

Another thing I did wrong was that I used too much plain footage of the jig itself, and didn’t get any B-roll or interesting shots of the jig, however I did fill in B-roll of the different water clarities I was talking about. This was pretty easy considering I have other videos that I could take footage from. Not everyone has that though, so just try to be creative, just start recording different perspectives, and with some different movements. Just keep in mind that B-roll is important, just don’t over do it.

Let’s circle back to audio real quick. Let’s imagine we’re watching a video, but we are distracted but still listening. The audio is trash, with lots of background noise, or just poor quality. Do we keep listening, or do we click off when we get the chance? Easy answer, we click off. Audio is at least 70% of what makes a video watchable. In my video above it’s bad, and I should’ve re-shot the video. However this time I just took it as a lesson learned, and that’s important as well. The process of learning.

If you just Started YouTube, or know someone that has don’t be afraid to take criticism or to criticize. If you won’t learn what you could be doing better, or what you’re doing wrong then you will not be able to grow or innovate.

Another tip I can offer that will apply to literally anything you do, especially if you want to do it better is to criticize yourself. Always ask yourself how you could be better, what can you do to be more efficient or improve. Of course set a limit because you got to like what you do, you have to have fun, otherwise there is no point in doing any of it.

Now that I started YouTube Again

I have a lot of work to do, I have to rebuild my following, with a slightly different demographic. But this is something anyone can do, you don’t have to be good looking, though that’s a plus. You just have to be good at something, anything, and be able to record it and edit it in an attractive way that appeals to people. Just find your style, and be your truest self and you’ll grow, no one can promise overnight success, but with enough effort, anything is possible.

Anyways that’s all the advice I have for now, I’ve had a somewhat successful small channel before, back before I understood the potential that I could achieve. Now I’m using the same advice to grow again, and I’m sure anyone else can as well.

I hope you all enjoyed reading, if you would, please go check out the QuasiHobbies YouTube channel, and maybe subscribe or just like the videos, don’t even have to watch em’. I would appreciate it immensely. Have a great Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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