Fixing Up My Lancer Part One

My cars grungy undercarriage.

This took entirely too long to actually do, and it took far too long to write about. But right now is not the time for apologies, I found the time, borrowed a friends lift, and got it done with his help, and a couple sketchy tricks. My Lancer has some new life!

All we really managed to do was changing out the shock absorbers. As well as changing out other old worn and damaged parts. We still have lower control arms, Tie rods, and rear shocks to do. Unfortunately I only have this car, and it is my daily. I can really only afford a day or two of downtime, and even that is tough to manage.

Alright, onto the meat of the project. With everything we had to disconnect, and take off we probably could have did the control arms while we at it. But after some issues, and a couple part runs it got late and we put it off.

A big issue we ran into was disconnecting the sway bar end links. Normally to loosen a sway bar end link you would take an Allen key and use it to hold the fastener in place, while you loosen the nut with a wrench. The issue we ran into a lot of was rust. The car itself is not too bad, but rust built up in the hard to reach places such as the slot for the Allen key. Needless to say it stripped faster than, well, the joke is there. Sadly I don’t have any pictures currently of the end links, but they met a cutting wheel, as well as their end. Thus the trip to the parts store for new ones for both sides of the car.

Finally Onto The Struts

The manifestation of fear itself.

After we finally cut the end links we were able to remove the struts, and swap the springs to the new shocks. Above is the compressed spring, and with all seriousness I want to stress that compressing a spring like this is dangerous. You need to be cautious, and as careful as possible. I disliked this specific spring compressor, because of how short the bolt head is. It was time consuming to keep cranking down with a ratchet, and having to keep moving the strut into manageable positions.

Ah here we are, the piston just sank in and thanked whatever god cars pray to for finally getting to rest. I do not need to say it but the shock to the right is completely shot. I could probably admit that driving my car in that state was unsafe, and unwise. However we all have lives to live, however let this remind you, that weird noise your car makes? don’t let it go too long. My poor Lancer stayed bouncing, and clunking crying for help, and I finally listened. Honestly these new shocks were probably all that she needed, but I might as well do it all since I have the parts.

I will get started on it in the coming weeks, when my friend is ready to help me out again. I should also mention we did brake pads while we had it open. It never hurts to do some preventative maintenance. It was a decent amount of work, we could have definitely did it faster if the day didn’t take so many turns.

My Lancer Drives On, For Now

Thanks to my friend Cory, and his willingness to help me until 11pm on a worknight we got it done. I appreciate him, and all that he does. Anyways that’s it for now, I’m going to put together a more in depth guide later on. Maybe after I finish the next part in my Lancer story. I have plans for this car, so keep your eyes out if you want to follow my Lancers progress!

Thanks for reading, and have a great Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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