Fresh Rotors

Old brake rotor

Nothing like putting on fresh rotors in an empty parking lot. This isn’t my car, but my buddies needed help. Naturally I helped by standing there and messing around like all good friends do. It was interesting to watch to say the least, these old rotors were from factory. The state they’re in now is at least 50 thousand miles later. The previous owner didn’t really care for it, but neither does the current one. The only reason he did this is because he’s going on vacation, and it is a long drive to his destination. I hope he makes me proud by doing some fishing while he’s down there.

I honestly want to go on a mini rant real quick about this style of lug/stud. It is just so weird to me to not have traditional studs. What even is the reason? Doing it like this doesn’t make it easier to do changes. It is also easier to cross thread the lugs, and make a whole new issue, I just do not understand.

New brake rotor

Then there’s this, to be able to compress the caliper piston, you have to do it through a vehicle settings menu on the cars display. What if your display is defunct? There would be no way to compress the piston without breaking this black sensor/motor housing on the back. I’m not a mechanic, but I do mod stuff for fun, and I just think that the older way is the better way. Rant over.

Anyways I hope my buddy, and his wife’s family (who’re wonderful people btw) have a great vacation. Hopefully the next time we work on this poor car we don’t have to use a hammer to slide on fresh rotors.

As for my next couple of posts, I’m making them fishing related. I’ve had a good couple of trips recently, and I am looking forward to writing about it. Maybe even some YouTube content coming with that, check back soon. Thanks for reading and have a great Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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