Growing Rapidly On YouTube?

As the title says, I am growing rapidly on YouTube after my latest video. I’m still incredibly small, and I get that however I was sitting at 29 subs, with a goal of hitting 50 so I could do fishing livestreams. Here I am nearly a hundred extra subs later with over eight thousands views on a video I debated making. So what do I do now? I do not want to keep making reactions because that isn’t me. I only made that video because of YFM’s significance to me growing up.

So far I have seen that the people who subbed ended up watching my other videos before actually clicking that button. This at least shows that some of them like my content in general. Which means that they are likely to stay subbed, and keep watching. Yet there is another problem, I demolished my goal for 50 subs, and now I have no idea what to do for this milestone. I was just going to do a fishing stream to commemorate that small milestone, but I ended up doubling up. So what should I do? leave your thoughts in the comments. I was thinking maybe I could give away one of my Escape from Tarkov mugs, but I haven’t done any Tarkov content for YouTube yet so it would not make sense. Perhaps I’ll give away a code for a free game or something.

Growing Rapidly On YouTube a Bad Thing?

Do I see growing rapidly on YouTube as a bad thing? Well in my case kind of. I am still in the process of trying to learn how to edit in a more entertaining way. As well as trying to find my own style. I also feel some slight pressure because I’m about to pass one of my friends in growth, and he’s been at it for a lot longer. Different niches of course so it’s not exactly the same. I guess I just don’t feel like I am good enough, So I guess I use that as fuel to do better right?

A big perk to hitting 100 subs is now I can use a custom URL for my channel instead of that mess of characters that most small channels have. This is pretty big in my mind as it looks cleaner, but the feature I really want is the community tab. I do not know when you get access to that but I still have a ways to go I think.

So in conclusion I pulled way more views than I ever anticipated, and gained more subs in two days, than I have in the past three months. I am hungry to chase that more.

Thanks for reading guys, as for this giveaway I’m working on the details. I am certainly going to do it through Twitter so if you want in give me a follow there, and I’ll update you guys soon. As always have an excellent Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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