Here We Are, So What’s Next?

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As the title says what’s next for QuasiHobbies, and what’s next for me Quasi? Well if you are interested I’ll tell you.

I Am Expanding My Education

As a whole post that I made a while ago said, I got my GED. Now I have a graduation to attend that’s being set up by the program that has helped me get this far. What’s next for me is signing some papers, and getting ready for classes in the fall. My program is paying for me to get my welding certifications. This makes me absolutely ecstatic, I get to go from bottom line warehouse worker, and freelancer to my favorite trade.

I weld in my free time as one of my hobbies, I’m not great as I only do it once or twice a month if I have planned projects. I am going to have to take a basics in construction class. However as I worked in construction before, and making use of those skills regularly I should get through pretty easily.

As to why I chose to go to school for this, is because of the flexibility in the skill itself. I can work for any of the fabrication shops around my area. There’s rail car maintenance, and repair. As well as Equipment repair in warehouses, this isn’t even mentioning the opportunities for side jobs.

Hungry For More

For some odd reason though, I have a thirst for knowledge. I want to go to school for multiple things, and learn as much as I can. Unfortunately this costs a lot of money, a resource I’m already severely lacking. But one day I would like to be able to take all of the courses I want, and the ones I see as necessary for the future. Obviously I want to be a creator, and to have my own businesses. So it only makes sense for me to want to learn everything I can to make this happen.

Though the truth is that even if I learn everything I can, if I can’t apply it, or come up with some great ideas, I’m still dead in the water. I try to be hopeful, that maybe one day one of my platforms explodes, and the rest goes with it. But I know that’s akin to winning the lottery. If I want this, I have to stay consistent, keep coming up with better, and better ideas, and just keep working at it.

All of my small amounts of success are thanks to you, my awesome readers. We’re closing to passing last years numbers, and we’re just about halfway through the year. So thank you for contributing to that, the results are measurable, and I can see the growth and it is inspiring.

What’s Next For You?

That’s all I have to say for now though, so thanks again for reading. I would appreciate it if you guys followed me on my other socials below, or just leave me a comment saying what’s next for you in your journeys.

As always have an excellent Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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