How Are Things Going, And What To Do?

Editors Thoughts

So how are things everyone? Leave a comment and let me know. For me though, things are alright. I ended up reviewing the year only halfway through on YouTube, and I’ll be writing a whole post for it too. A little spoiler though, it’s like 6/10. I’ll get into the details later.

I did my first YouTube stream today, and had quite a few followers from my FB stop by, and hang out. I’m not as good at talking to chat as I am talking to a camera, but I’m definitely going to try and get better. I was honestly just expecting to record some B-roll for future vids, but why not stream too? So I was pleasantly surprised, I’m still growing slowly. I also broke 6k lifetime views today, I know that is really small in the grand scheme of things, but I’m taking this step by step. I don’t see a need to rush things, I do this as a hobby, and obviously that is kind of my whole deal.

Dash of a 2001 Chrysler Sebring

Some Of The Bad

How are things going with my shit box? I managed to hit 154k without it breaking down, so that’s a plus. I have not had a chance to start “fixing” things on it just yet, the weather has been on and off. Not to mention, my buddy I have that likes to help with this type of stuff, had his appendix rupture, and his recovery is going kind of rough. Poor guy is one of the most wholesome people I know, it’s a shame that he has to go through this.

Also I’d like to take this time here to mention the shooting in Buffalo, New York. This tragedy is awful, and most of the tweets I have seen are people just trying to use this to push their political agenda, and it is horrible. This is fresh, and I wish people could recognize that people died, and there are families in ruins right now. Just send your prayers, and mourn with those families. Stop trying to push your politics, stop trying to capitalize on growth, just please. My heart goes out to those families, and to the people of the community. I stand by you.

Such an awful thing, no one I saw talking about this stopped to ask “how are the families” just mind blowing. Be better everyone Please.

So Really How Are Things?

We quickly went from 6/10 down to a four. That’s a huge drop in my opinion. My year has been rough all around, but the positivity of others changed that. Now I look at these groups of people on both sides, and I feel sickened. I don’t belong to either side of the political spectrum, that’s why I keep politics out of my content. But I feel like I should call this out, stop building your personality on politics. Stop hating your fellow man, stop hating your neighbors, you should want the best for everyone. I know this isn’t everyone, however both sides suck. You just need to be you, the best you that you can be, and just love your fellow man.

I know I went off on a tangent, but I’m just passionate about standing together, and not arguing because you favor one old senile man over another. Sounds childish doesn’t it? We should want better for ourselves.

Anyways that’s it, I’m done for now guys. That was really awful, I’m not gonna apologize because some things need to be said. But I’m sorry that we have to suffer through all of this. Leave a comment, and let me know what you feel, and what you think.

Have a great Morning/Afternoon/Evening! Spread peace, everywhere you go.

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