How To Achieve a Good Schedule?

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This go around I’m asking you guys, how do I achieve a good schedule? I worked out a halfway decent content schedule for YouTube. However I feel like I neglect my other platforms. For instance my last post on here was about ten days ago. I feel that is an issue because this is what started my whole journey in the first place.

My Good Schedule For YouTube

I kind of have an idea for how to make better use of my in-between days. Currently I upload a video every four ish days. Then I make shorts whenever I find good footage to break down. I top it all off with YT streams in-between my regular uploads. So my idea is on those same days that I stream I should draft a blog post. I think that would provide a decent balance, and add some extra work to my free time.

The Conflicts

The only issue that I am noticing is that I might have conflicts because of my new job I should be starting soon, not to mention I am taking courses during the fall semester. Not to go super off track but I am super excited for that. I’m taking basics of construction, and I am expecting to do well as I already have the knowledge and experience. Then in spring I go for my NCCER welding certification.

Thus this is my biggest conflict, the classes are from 5pm-9pm and I can’t afford to work part time. So I either have to bargain with my scheduling manager, or make sure I have those days off. That could be done during on-boarding, but if I lose the evenings on my days off, I lose the time that I usually put towards my writing. So I’m kind of in a pickle.

So here are some possible solutions; I take a whole afternoon to churn out a week or two worth of posts. The issue with this is that I could be late on any new topics, getting burned out faster, and losing a fresh perspective on everything that I write. Then the next possible solution is that I could sleep less on my days off, which is pretty much a given anyway, but I cut out more of my social life. I don’t spend a lot of time with my friends in the first place, so I’m not sure if that is negative or not. That’s really all I could come up with, seeing as how I’m losing sleep writing this post haha.

So tell me guys do you have any solutions? If not solutions, do you have any advice? Leave a comment and let me know! I really need to set a good schedule set for all of my platforms.

Here’s my shameless plug, I would really appreciate it if you guys went, and checked out my other platforms! As I kind of stated in this post I’m kind of focused on YouTube right now, I’m pushing up to 50 subs. I could also really use the feedback there as well. I also have been getting more involved on Twitter, but absolutely have no clue how to grow there. So give me a follow and help me out haha.

But that’s it for now guys, I hope you have an extravagant Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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