I Passed My GED Test!

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As the title says, I passed my GED tests, and obtained my diploma. I haven’t told this story because I was keeping it quiet until I was certain I would pass. Now after a month of classes, and studying I finally got something that has held me back for the past five years of my life. During this post I am going to talk about the process I went through to obtain my GED, as well as talk about how looking into special programs can benefit you afterwards.

Story Time

If you don’t want to read the story, go ahead and skip ahead a paragraph or two. Anyways I had my first born daughter really young. I was 17 when she was born, and I essentially dropped everything to care for her. Just a teenager that was being irresponsible, as that tends to happen. Me and her mom ended up splitting, first on bad terms, then later on better terms. Now we co-parent just fine, and I’m in a happy committed relationship.

I worked a bunch of shit jobs over the past five years, and eventually settled into warehouse work. This really wasn’t for me either, but I am good at operating different types of lifts, so it came naturally at least. But I always wanted to do something better, and different. Sure I’m certified on a bunch of equipment, but that doesn’t mean much. Anyone with half a brain could do the same, so I set out to improve myself. So I could stop working crap jobs like above, and below.

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My oldest is in school now, and is doing super well. I couldn’t be more proud of her, she was my inspiration to try when the opportunity presented itself. So it did, my sister had dropped out too, and found a local youth program. Upon learning more about the program, I learned that I fell within their age limit, although just barely. They took me into the program about a month ago. We have done a combination of virtual, and in person classes to build rudimentary skills that would be needed for the four exams. Yesterday I finished those exams.

How It Works

The specific program my sister, and I attended covers all of the costs for getting your GED. They also work with the local workforce network to provide training, and other classes. I had to take the four practice exams, as well as a test for the network to determine my capabilities. I am a bright individual, and have some valuable experience. Passing the practice tests was simple. The four tests are, Mathematical reasoning, science, social studies, and language arts.

This is where the benefits of this program really begin to kick in. As passing the capability exam opened up the opportunity to take any training course I want. Then another benefit of this program is that after passing the GED I am essentially getting a scholarship to my local college for any course that I want to pursue. This is the big one, this opportunity opened so many doors for me, and I am incredibly grateful that this was available to me. There is also a possibility for summertime internships, it’s incredible what these kinds of programs can do.

So I want to encourage anyone else like me, if you had to drop out for whatever reason, to try to get you GED. It is not as hard as everyone says, and I believe in you. If you have a program like this near you I highly suggest you try to be included. This is such a useful tool, and will benefit you. Getting your GED is as simple as passing four tests, that honestly if you at least completed 9th grade aren’t hard.

You Have Your GED Now What

Be proud of yourself, you put in the effort, and you did your best. If you participated in a program, ask what they have to offer. If you did it by yourself, it’s completely up to you on how you proceed. But be proud of your accomplishment, because only a small percentage of dropouts actually obtain their diploma.

As for what I’m going to do, I’m going to get my welding certifications, and try to build a business using those skills. Don’t worry though, QH is still my baby, and I won’t give you up, I won’t let you down, I won’t run around, and desert you.

That’s all for now everyone, I hope you enjoyed reading, and perhaps found some motivation. You got this, and I believe in you. Have an exemplary Morning/Afternoon/Evening! Also check out my other socials!

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