Hello, this is an introduction to QuasiHobbies. My name is Tyler and I’m currently the only editor for this website. I started this site to help spread information, and share experiences in every hobby I come across. I also have the goal to create a community of likeminded people. A place where people can come and discuss anything from their hobbies, or anything else in the appropriate forum thread.

As of now I’ll be covering radio controlled cars, fishing, various kinds of small displacement powered vehicles. These include, minibikes, go karts, and everything else I get myself into. Plenty of people use these activities just to kill time, but for most of us these things are our passion. We spend hours upon hours building, tuning, fixing, and rigging things to make sure they work, and even more time to perfect the methods. These aren’t just hobbies, they are lifestyles. We invest plenty of our time, money, blood, sweat, and even tears for something that lots of people would just give up on or lose interest. Here we are about passion, always looking to learn, improve, and share everything that we can.

Well this is the end to the introduction into QuasiHobbies, below you can find a link to our Discord server.

Here is a link to our Discord server!

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Tyler K.

The sole editor, and Admin of Tyler conceived the idea for this site when he discovered that there was few to none general hobby forums. He wanted a place where all hobbies could meet, as well as like-minded people to create an interactive, informational community. This is his first attempt at building a community.

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