Let’s Talk About Our Gaming Setup

I may not have the nicest gaming setup, but what I do have works. I’m expanding my current setup with another monitor using a VESA mount, and my goal is to have it sit above my main 244hz Alienware monitor. What I want to do is talk about the items that I’m using for said upgrade. Though they are budget oriented, after a bunch of research, reading reviews, and getting them set up. I can say that for the price it is a totally viable upgrade.

VESA Arm Mount

Above is an image for the VESA arm mount I’ve used. For the price I was expecting something a little flimsy. However I was pleasantly surprised to find that the mounting mechanism is sturdy. The arms tension is strong enough to hold up to 14lbs. As well as being able to accommodate a monitor up to 27 inches in size. Overall this is a worthy upgrade, and I recommend using it. If you are interested in learning about this mounting arm, you will find it here.

LG 22MK430H-B

Next up is this LG 21 and a half inch 1080p monitor. Reviews regarding this monitor have been a little mixed, although mostly positive. I haven’t had it long enough to notice anything super negative. The biggest and most common gripe I have found is that this monitor can hijack your PCs audio for it’s built in headphone jack. This is an annoyance, however it’s easily fixed so I will look past it. As long as your delivery guy doesn’t mistreat your package it should work fine for being a sub one hundred dollar monitor. I would recommend using this monitor for secondary gaming purposes I.E. Discord, maps, guides, and video streaming. This would also work great for home offices, and low end gaming. Overall there are small issues, but nothing deal breaking. If you would like to look into this for yourself you can find it here.

P.s. What’s with monitor Manufacturers using weird serial numbers for naming purposes?

Gaming Setup Reveal

I’m not ready to Reveal mine yet, however as soon as everything is the way I want it, I’ll share it on my social media’s…… Which you can find below as always! That’s all for this post guys. I don’t typically do reviews but when I do I keep them short and to the point. hopefully this helps you find your next upgrade! Have a great Morning/Afternoon/Evening, and check back frequently for our next post!

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