Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays!


This isn’t a stock photo, this is a photo I took some years ago around the holidays. I’ll say there is nothing like this time of year, the magic in the air, and the excitement in children’s hearts, sadly this year was pretty lacking, however I hope you all made the most of it, and enjoyed some much needed time with your families like I have. Hopefully Santa was able to bring you everything you had your eyes on this year, that new fishing pole, a new rifle, that RC crawler, maybe a new PC setup, or one of the new consoles if you were lucky. Whatever your hobby or pass time is I hope it’s been enough to distract you from all of the ups and downs from this year, and here’s to the new year and hoping and praying that it brings better times and more good fortune. Well if that won’t be the case for 2021 we need to remember that we have our families and each other, we all have to stick together to get through hard times, and the best way to do that is to try and have some fun along the way, have some faith that it’ll all get better, keep your head up and have persistence. Anyways I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and happy holidays from QuasiHobbies even if you’re not a follower (don’t worry we still care about you). Well that’s it from us for now, if you think you have it rough right now keep reading below for the story of an unfortunate fish one week before Christmas.


Ah Just a week before Christmas 2017, I have to say things were much simpler for me back then, not a worry in the world, and I got to go fishing whenever I wished, what a year hahaha. Anyways this specific day I chose to go fishing after a short snow flurry the night before, I didn’t have the goal to catch anything, I just wanted to get out and fish, maybe enjoy the cold winter air for a little while. Well I did for about a solid two hours before I was ready to leave, I dealt with the slight breeze even though my face was already cherry red and stinging, on top of not catching a thing except for a cold. Back then I didn’t have a drivers license just yet, let alone my own car, so I was dropped of every time I wanted to fish and it turned out that on this day I had to stay out fishing for four hours before my dad could come pick me up, believe me I was shocked when I found out two hours into this excursion. I basically did what any teenager who is uncomfortable would do and complained to every family member I could until I found a ride home, well I found myself out of luck, I sat myself down and froze for about another thirty minutes just sulking, and marinating in my situation. After awhile I learned my lesson about asking questions about timeframes when taking trips like this, I got up and went to fish for the remaining time I was left out to freeze because of my own idiocy, about thirty or forty casts in I discovered just how futile my efforts were in the first place until along came the poor fish pictured above. While his day was inexplicably ruined, he made mine all the much better even if it was an accident, this cost that poor fish a lot. It may be hard to make out, but this poor Shad got caught by the business end of my swimbait in it’s rear end, while I saw it swim off, I am unsure if it survived it’s encounter with me, however in the end I didn’t get skunked, I only mildly froze and got home just to catch a cold, but it was all worth it to catch that fish, and enjoy the outdoors even if I had to pay for it later. The End.



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