Mini Bike Projects

Today we will be dicussing Mini Bike Projects. Pictured above is a Trailmaster MB-200. Which in my, and many other’s opinions is one of the best bang for the buck mini bikes on the market. The Trailmaster MB-200 sports a 196cc OHV motor. These motors are typically clones of popular Honda motors used on many different pieces of equipment ranging from lawn mowers to leaf blowers, and everything in between.

Recently it’s been popular to swap the 196cc motors that come on commercial bikes like these, to a higher displacement 212cc motor. Popular brands being, Tillotson, and Predator. Predator 212cc motors are nearly identical clones of Honda GX200 motors with slight differences between the two. Predator 212’s are popular mainly because of the low cost per motor, typically running around $119.00 from Harbor Freight. Another aspect that makes the Predator 212 a popular replacement for stock motors is the Aftermarket support that’s available. With different companies offering billet flywheels, connecting rods, cams, pistons, and valve components.

My Mini Bike Projects

I myself was experimenting on a 301cc build. However my motor was damaged during shipping and no one took responsibility for the blunder. Anyways I ditched that idea and bought a Predator 212 myself as well as a billet flywheel and billet connecting rod, I was also set to do a governor removal before time got out of my hands. Above is my Baja Warrior frame for the project after a fresh coat of paint. I’m going to finish everything up this spring, and see just how fast I can get this one going.

As for the MB-200 it’s advertised that the bike is able to go 40mph stock depending on rider weight. During my initial first rides, being around 230lbs and 6ft tall. I was able to accomplish 32mph on uneven ground in my semi-small yard. Overall I am fairly impressed with this bike. At $950.00 before shipping, I believe it’s priced fairly for what you get. I would recommend this bike for new riders. With both front, and rear shocks stock this bike has a comfortable ride compared to most other bikes.

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