More Issues Lurking.

Once again my GPU is on the fritz, and more issues are lurking. I just sent my 2080 super off again today, and don’t have access to my PC, and won’t for the next few weeks.

So once again I have to write from my phone, and my new projects are delayed again. This includes content on my YouTube channel. I have been growing pretty decently I would say, I’m currently at 277 subscribers. Just 223 away from the giveaway!

I’m excited for 500 subscribers because not only are we halfway to 1000 I also unlock new community features. Being able to interact further with my viewers is exactly what I want, as they’re a good group of people.

They’re my inspiration, and they simply radiate positivity.

More Issues

One of my last posts I talked about how my mom has cancer. She had a massive tumor removed and that was that. However she does still have ovarian cancer, and cancer on her bowels.

None of that is good, and she is due for more surgery. She is a strong woman and I trust that she’ll be okay. However I’m still really worried for her health, and I hope she makes it through all of this.

When my computer is back up and running, I’m going to start taking donations for cancer centers, I’ve met our previous goals for our web hosting, and for my sister’s accident. So it’s amazing we can get back to raising money for charity.

On The Bright Side

My sister, and I had our graduation ceremony for getting our GEDs. Our organization held a nice ceremony, issued rewards, and had asked me to give a speech. I had forgotten to write one, so I came up with a solid 45 second testimonial for the programs, and how supportive they are.

I’ll be posting the speech as a short on my channel, I don’t expect much reach because of the personal nature, but these programs are amazing, and have amazing people working for them.

Then even more, I’m set to start the required courses for my welding certification this fall! I have to start with basics of construction, but that should be a cakewalk as I have a construction background.

So in the end I just take the bad with the good, and just be thankful that things aren’t worse.

If you made it this far, thank you! I appreciate you reading. As a nice little surprise, I’m going to start a story. Maybe even turn it into book one day. It’s going to start here! So keep a look out.

Thanks for reading guys, here’s a picture from the ceremony! Enjoy your weekends, and as always have an amazing Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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