My 50th Post!

Editors Thoughts

As the title says, this is my 50th post! This is probably a milestone I should’ve hit a lot sooner. However I have been super busy recently. There have been some big changes, a new job, and preparing to move. After everything settles back down, things will keep getting better. This year has already been pretty good, I’m always trying to learn how to improve, and do better with what I have here. The support I’ve been seeing from you guys has been a serious motivator.

We ended 2021 strong with the addition of our shop, and a few basic shirts designed by yours truly. Nothing to brag about, but that was another big milestone, and I feel like it was a step in the right direction. With that being said, I am going to take my time with the next round of designs, and hopefully I will do a lot better. With my new job I should have some extra funds to dedicate to the cause.

Charitable Thoughts

Speaking of funds, I am still working on a list of charities for the rest of this year for donations. January is almost over so anymore for this month will roll over to next months charity. I am undecided for February so I will include an update in my next post. My birthday is just a week away, and I should be decided by then.

Since my 50th post is technically an editors thoughts post, so I’ll include some gaming news. Escape from Tarkov patch 12.12 has been a ton of fun. The Rogues have been absolutely brutal to fight. The changes to recoil, and ballistics have turn some weapons on their heads, and made others viable. My friends and I, have been playing a lot. We mess around with VOIP a fair bit, and those interactions have been hilarious. I wish Lighthouse was optimized a little better. I get frame drops pretty consistently, and it is unbearable at times, but that is pretty much my only issue.

At The End of The Day The 50th Post is Only The Beginning

As I sit here eating some Rofo I went out in a snowstorm to get, I can’t help but think about the future of QuasiHobbies. We keep growing, slowly but steadily, and I can’t help but imagine as I keep expanding, and investing into QH just how far it will go. As a result the outlook is bright, and I have all of you to thank for that. So thank you. For stopping by and motivating me.

I hope you all have a great Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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