My Car Has Met Its End

Well, as of today my car has been released to the insurance company. My car is gone but not forgotten. We had made many memories together for the close to three years that I had it. Heartbroken is an understatement, however I am just glad that my freshly licensed sister, and girlfriend were alright.

So here is a little bit of the background for what happened. My girlfriend had wanted to go to a store relatively close to where we live. My sister whom had just got her license three days earlier, volunteered to drive her. I thought it would be fine because she had been driving fine with me for months, so I had faith. Well little did I know that she was going to get hit in the intersection right outside of our neighborhood. That figures right?

Here Is More Of The Damage.

I was within walking distance to the accident, and as I got there I notice all the fluid on the ground, and my poor sister shaking in her shoes. She was really shaken up, and nearly traumatized, and turned off of driving. However driving is just part of life, and stuff like this happens. I have been driving since I was 16, and only ever got into a low speed collision with a deer that decided to be a dick. I can’t understand exactly what she was feeling, but I know it was horrible.

Especially considering that despite having her license for three days, she also got stuck with the fines, and points on her license. Right out of the gate. That is why I have been using the donation tab to try and help her pay for her mistake. The other driver certainly had time to stop, but I won’t get into that mess.

So What Is Next For My Car

Nothing good I am sure. I am fairly certain that it will be a total loss, and it will be crushed. That is not without saying that there is a good possibility that I could fix it as long as the frame was not damaged. Though I don’t have the space, nor the time or motivation to do so. I’m currently already working on a replacement, my girlfriends grand dad was able to get us a decent truck. The thing just needs some light work and it will be road worthy.

Here’s a peek.

It’s old and high mileage, but it is in good condition regardless. Nothing that some elbow grease can’t fix.

Overall I’m sad about the poor ol’ lancer, but I’m just glad no one was hurt in the accident.

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