My First Shark Catch

Above is a picture of my first shark ever. It’s not huge, but it’s not a baby either.

The Story

Essentially I had to build up to this moment. The guy I went with hyped up this beach, and made it sound like it was going to be a great day of fishing. He also said there was a guaranteed shot at me catching my first shark. It was at this moment I knew he was full of it.

Our first day out there, we sat out in the sun for twelve hours, and caught nothing but sun poisoning. It was so bad that I ended up leaving work early and being excused for three more days, and the whole weekend. Overall it was not a great time.

Then the weekend after I had fully recovered, he invited me out again. However this time it was a night time trip, no harsh sun on fresh skin, and a lot less people. Generally, I think people dislike the idea of fishermen catching sharks only 30 feet away from them.

But the night started off pretty well, my buddy ended up catching a few small sharks, no more than a foot long. The night was looking promising, until I ended up going three hours without a bite.

How I Caught My First Shark

Three hours in, and nothing was biting except for the mosquitos. I had a pretty bleak outlook until a kind man gave me some bait. This bait ended up being the MVP, and I don’t really have a great idea why. I assume it was because it was a more common/familiar bait to the area in comparison to what we had. Anyway, the man gave me some thawed mackerel, and no more than 15 minutes after I set it up, that the shark bit.

This shocked me, because I was expecting more of the same. I had laid on my stomach to relax for a bit, when they yelled out to me that my rod was screaming down the beach. I scrambled to my feet, ran down the beach, and dove for the rod. Not only did I catch it, but I knocked the wind out of myself as well. This made it rather difficult to fight the fish. I ended up fighting it for roughly 20 minutes, probably a little less.

But in the end I was able to land the fish, and record a short snippet for the video I’m editing right after this post. This was an awesome way to experience catching my first shark.

The Small Details

If you guys would like, I can make another post about the finer details, such as the set ups we were using. Rods, line, leader, bait, etc. You guys just have to let me know!

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Anyways that’s all for now guys, thanks for reading, and as always have an exceptional Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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