New Gaming Channel

We have started a new gaming channel, we’re focusing on PC gaming for now. Our goal is moving forward is to just kick back, relax and talk about stuff. In the future we would like to include more creators to our list to keep fresh ideas flowing. As well as multiple personalities who stick to a specific hobby category. By the time this post goes live we will already have a link to the channel ready to go. Hopefully we will be in the process of editing our first gaming video. We are also partnering with another brand new gaming channel, see below for his logo.

Focus Towards The Future

Since the time this post was published, we have changed our minds. We have changed the focus of our channel to embody all that do here at QuasiHobbies. So it is no longer a new gaming channel, it’s a variety channel. Unfortunately there has been delays but we are still expected to post more soon. QuasiHobbies also started a Discord server with different topics and discussions. You can join at the provided link and stop in to say hi!

Here is a link to our Discord server!

Take a look at our other social media channels as well. We continue to grow, and we will be providing new content very soon!

Anyways that’s all for this post. We’re still working to bring more content to the site we’re also trying to expand our horizons. Keep your eye out for new updates!

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Tyler K.

. The sole editor, and Admin of Tyler conceived the idea for this site when he discovered that there was few to none general hobby forums. He wanted a place where all hobbies could meet, as well as like-minded people to create an interactive, informational community. This is his first attempt at building a community.

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