Hey, Tyler here, it has come to my attention that some sections of the site aren’t working right, no worries I’ll fix six it as soon as I can.

This is my first attempt at building a website so bear with me here, but in the meantime I can explain some of my background. First, I’m mainly a gamer that branched out to other things that peaked my interest as I got older. My most recent project was building my first PC, on which I am typing this article, it was a pretty straight forward process, and I’ll do a post on that next. My previous projects were two minibikes, a Trailmaster MB200-2, and a Baja Warrior build, right now both of them are kind of in stasis because of space constraints, though I’ll be picking back on those here shortly. Anyways that’s a little about my recent background, working on mechanical things, and putting stuff together, of course there’s more but I’ll leave those for another rainy day.

Later taters!

Ah rainy days.

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