Quantum Fishing Spinning Reel, My Thoughts

For todays post I decided to give my thoughts on a Quantum Fishing spinning reel that I have had for awhile. You’ll be able to tell from the other pictures that this reel has been well used. In the picture above there are a couple of lures that I have used with great success with this reel.

Let me establish a bit of a background. I have fished this specific reel for around seven years, and I’m not certain they make it anymore. However I found one really similar to it right here. So if you are looking for one take a look.

This Quantum Fishing reel has been my go to for Yellow perch fishing, as well as finesse bass fishing for a long time. I have caught thousands of fish with it, and it has held up with regular maintenance every season. The only problem I had with it is the anti reverse lever breaking off. However it is not really a detriment, as it’s still operable.

Honestly, the reason I first got this reel, was because I liked the color scheme. Back then I didn’t know anything about gear ratios, or anything like that. This reel comes with a 5.2:1 gear ratio, this makes it perfect for slow rolling those mini crankbaits.

In the end I’m still using this reel, and will until it finally gives out. It has been nothing but reliable, and strong. Once again if you’re in the market for a new spinning reel for finesse, or for specific species you can see a similar Quantum Fishing reel here. The size of that reel might be a bit bigger, but should have smaller options available.

Here is a quick reminder to check out my other socials, here soon I may end up doing something for the community.

Anyways guys thanks for reading, I hope this “review” helped shine a little light into the quality of Quantum Fishing’s spinning reels. I also have a bait caster that I’m going to dive into a little more. Have an awesome Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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