QuasiCast One

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Welcome to QuasiCast episode One! This series will be available to read, as well as listened to on a few different platforms. I had this idea for awhile, personally I’m not a fan of my own voice. So for now I’ll be using a stock voice. This is not something I have much experience with, however I am hoping that it will improve over time. There is other things I have coming down the pipeline, but let’s work on one thing at a time.

Now onto the topic for this episode. I want to talk about Bethesdas games, more specifically the fallout series for the moment. Let us start with Fallout 3, when downloading the game from steam, it is not guaranteed to work. Not without having to manually change game files anyways. There is a mod called “a tale of two wastelands” for Fallout: New Vegas. However I am not familiar with using the mod specifically, from my understanding, it is a way to experience both games in New Vegas. Like I said though I am not familiar with the mod particularly. You should do your own research, and figure out if it is the best option for you.

Personally I am kind of lazy, and think that a game should just be playable period. If you go to GOG you can find Fallout 3, and not have to modify anything at all. The game just works, like it should.

While I love the games Bethesda puts out, they are money driven. They are not likely going to patch the version sold on steam unfortunately. I am unware of any petitions to fix this. Though if one is started perhaps they will listen. Though at this point that is unlikely.

I will try to avoid spoilers as much as possible, for those who have not played yet for some odd reason.


Fallout as a series has wholly place the main character in search of something of great importance, either personally or for the greater good. Fallout 3 puts the lone wanderer in search of his father, whom left vault 101 to resume his work for the greater good of the wasteland. At the the end of his search however only bad events transpire. The story itself continues this spiral until the very end of the game, where a choice is be made. After that choice, the game ends abruptly unless you have the Broken steel DLC which takes you head to head with the Enclave. As well as increase the level cap if I am remembering correctly. Fallout 3 felt like a full game on its own, though I feel like Broken steel should have been part of the main game.

Not because the Main questline was short, but because it felt as if it belonged in the first place. The other DLCs felt like add-ons, things meant to add extra meat to the game. Not trying to discredit the other DLCs either, they fulfill their purpose exactly. I just feel that Broken steel was worth making part of the game, and having another add-on in it’s stead.

Overall I love Fallout 3, I love Fallout in general. Unfortunately I have to end QuasiCast One here. If you enjoyed listening you can find the typed version of this QuasiCast on QuasiHobbies.com

I very much enjoyed making this more simple type of content, and I hope you guys enjoy it too. I hope you all have a great Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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