QuasiCast Two: Music

Welcome to QuasiCast Two: Music, today the topic is obvious. I don’t have a specific genre in mind, so the range will be broad. This time I will use my actual voice to record audio, just a warning that I am using my gaming headset as I do not have a good quality standalone mic. One more thing before we get into the topic at hand, I have a rather big announcement. I am starting the process to file for an L.L.C status for QuasiHobbies! I believe I’ve made that claim before, however time makes fools of us all.

Today shortly after this post is published, I will be in the beginning stage for the paperwork. I am filing online so the wait should not be long, though I am expecting a couple week wait. After everything is filed and approved, I am going to obtain the traders license required by my state, then I will be reaching out to suppliers. I seem to getting ahead of myself. I will make a full post on my plans in the near future so keep your eyes out.

The Stupendium

Now onto the music! I want to talk about one of my favorite Videogame song writers. He does not write songs for videogames, he writes songs about them. I admire everything that he does, and all of the hard work he puts into each of his videos. Everything from his animation, vocabulary, imagery, and his originality just speaks about his passion. The few songs he did about Bendy and the ink machine were fantastic. Two of which he animated himself as well as all the regular things that come with production of such content.

The Stupendium definitely conveys a story through his music, and provides an excellent insight into a game without spoiling the story itself. Not to mention outside references, double entendres, and all of the other things that make an amazing song. I also applaud his use of costumes, and makeup to make his characters pop. I have no idea what he did prior to YouTube but he has excellent skill. Considering the quality of his content I want to say that I think that his channel isn’t as big as it should be. As of right now he only has 645k Subscribers, he had much less when I first found him. The channel is growing quickly, I just think he deserves more.

I would like to share a verse from his Frostpunk song, because it is one of my absolute favorite verses, and I feel that it carries some real weight with it.

Shelter from the storm

“Growing up they told us no two snowflakes are the same, and every one’s a wonder, something not to take in vain, of mother natures beauty, of the universe at play, seems that she’s abstained from duty, left us here and turned away. Fingers splintered into kindling and hearts as dark as coal, as heat and hope are dwindling we march towards our goal, committed to the hymns we sing so after all is told, the generations after us aren’t cast into the cold. So burn us in the furnace let our souls ignite the flame, use our bones to stoke the embers, use our blood to oil the chains, we are nothing now but engines rending flesh to find a way, and as we fall we know we die to light a better day.”

Once again that is a verse from The Stupendiums song “shelter from the storm.” The song carries some weight with it, and it is just above and beyond excellent. If you have not heard any of his music I implore you to go look up his YouTube channel. I also recommend Dan Bull, he is pretty decent as well.

Foreign Music

This is a broad category I know, I do explore other countries music from time to time. Whether it is a familiar genre or not, I find the differences in sound and style interesting from what we have in the U.S. For example The HU, from what I can surmise they are a Mongolian metal/folk rock band. They use traditional Mongolian instruments, and the sound that The HU puts out really catches my ears. Obviously I don’t understand the lyrics or any messages behind the songs, however I am inclined to learn them.

Next is Rammstein a German metal band, for some reason I just find German really fits in metal. It just sounds right, from my understanding they’re pretty popular in the U.S. I know a little German so I can understand parts of their songs.

I listen to a little Russian hard bass from time to time, not enough that I know any artists. Let alone have a preference, just something to listen to in the car by myself. I am actively learning Russian, and I will be looking into other kinds of Russian music.

I’m not exactly sure how to categorize this, but for the sake of simplicity I’ll just call it J-pop. Music featured at the beginning and end of Anime for example. Not something I listen to often but every once in a while I’ll find a song I really like and add it to my playlist.

Rap/Hip Hop

I suppose my taste is rather “old school” when it comes to rap. I’ll just mention artists instead of specific songs just because there would be too many to list. So here we go, Eminem, Notorious B.I.G, Busta Rhymes, 50 cent, N.W.A, Dr. Dre, Tupac, D12, Ludacris, Lil Wayne, Dorrough, Nas, DMX, and a handful more. There’s just too many to remember, and to be honest I’m glad I grew up with mostly older music, I don’t really like todays rap.

The Rest

To be honest I listen to a little bit of everything, but here’s the kicker. I (for the most part) really dislike country music, there’s a few exceptions like a song or two from Sugarland, and I guess country rap but that’s about it. I am willing to try anything at least once so if you have any suggestions leave them in the comments, and I’ll give it a listen! If you’re listening from one of the various podcast sites this is posted on come leave a comment on QuasiHobbies.com

End of QuasiCast Two: Music

That is all for this episode! I want to thank you all for either reading or listening to this QuasiCast, this is the first time I have used my voice for the voice over so hopefully it doesn’t turn out too bad. You guys know how it is, it’s really easy to be self conscious of your voice. Be sure sure to go like/follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages at QuasiHobbies, Have a great Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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