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Last week on QuasiHobbies

We worked on researching how to further grow our audience. I greatly improved in some areas lacking in optimization. We are also working on making these posts more readable as well as starting new series of posts. One of those series being the editors thoughts series. Instead of weekly announcements posts, we are going to use the QuasiHobbies Updates format from now on. Recently we have been working on YouTube content as well as streaming. I must apologize for the delays, I’m unhappy with how some of the content and I am redoing it but it is coming. I will include links to our streaming account at the end of the article.

This week’s QuasiHobbies Updates

This week I am finally starting our gaming content on YouTube, and Twitch. Mo further delays are expected, however I am going to be moving here soon, and I will be taking a short break while me and my family get settled. Outside of gaming I should be making a few videos discussing some different topics, and talking to some guests, maybe it’ll be interesting. Now onto the store, I am fulfilling orders, though that isn’t my focus at the moment. I am growing a community, with that being said anyone who signs up for the forums will receive a coupon code for any items that we have on the store. However I am not currently focused on making money, I am making a fun site, and a helpful community.

The forums are my primary focus for now. It has had issues in the past, now it is completely functioning, although empty. My goal is to improve the styling, and perhaps add some more functionality. For now the basics are working, and the forums are open for discussion, and new topics.

That’s all for now

These last week and a half have been just as productive and exciting as the weeks before. I am optimistic for the future, as things continue to improve, and I will be continuing to share them here with you. Below you will find links to our Discord server, Twitch, our other social media channels, and a short bio for the author. Thanks so much for reading, and stay tuned for more content in the future. Have a great Day/Night/Evening!

Here’s a link to our Discord Server! https://discord.gg/e4S6URqKtd

Here’s a link to our Twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/quasihobbies

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Tyler K.

The sole editor, and Admin of quasihobbies.com. Tyler conceived the idea for this site when he discovered that there was few to none general hobby forums. He wanted a place where all hobbies could meet, as well as like-minded people to create an interactive, informational community. This is his first attempt at building a community.

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