QuasiHobby Updates Five

QuasiHobby Updates

It took awhile, but QuasiHobbies is back to normal! I’m back on my PC, and we’re on to QuasiHobby Updates Five now! For now I’ll just leave the story short. My friend and I share an office/game room, and I’m back to a desk instead of sitting on the floor. I have plans to get back to the original schedule, but it may take some time while I smooth out the edges. For those who don’t know why I’m droning on about such menial things, I recently have two sudden deaths in the family. This ultimately shattered me and my families normal way of life. But now we’re stable again, I have more positive changes coming. Ultimately I’ll be able to bring even more positive change here. I’m trying to expand on Facebook with more posts, and I started a group. You can find a link at the end of this post.

I’m looking into more content ideas, I am considering a podcast maybe? I know there is a platform that will allow me to type out a whole page and automatically do a voice over. Though I am not sure if people enjoy that kind of robotic voice. I do still have plans for YouTube as well, however I’m still working on some ideas.

End of QuasiHobby Updates Five

I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my little posts. I adore those that take the time to interact with them. I’m seeing growth, and I see the potential for what I am trying to accomplish. Thank you guys for being a part of it. Here is a shot of my current setup, it’s not much but someday it’ll be great. So thanks for reading, and have a great Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

Excuse The Mess, I’ve been busy Ha Ha.

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