QuasiHobby Updates Four

QuasiHobby Updates

Good Afternoon everyone, and welcome to QuasiHobby Updates Four! I have been working hard in the background, and soon it’ll pay off. Me and my family are set to be moving in the next couple weeks. Not only is that a new start for us but for QuasiHobbies as well. After the move I should have the space, and more freedom to finalize my traders license, and officially make QuasiHobbies a business. I’m excited and looking forward to being able to make that happen.

I have also been working on developing my skills, and trying to get better at content creation. I’m not great at it that’s pretty obvious, but I’ll pull it together. I’m considering having a professional go over everything when I finalize the licensing. I think that maybe a cleaner more professional look will help, however I do want the site to keep some personality, I’m still mulling it over.

I was hoping to keep an upbeat tone for this QuasiHobby Update, but i suppose I should mention how my Grand mom is doing. She’s still in rough shape, and her time is still counting down, though she is at home living out the rest of her days comfortably with her loved ones, and that’s better than the alternative. I had to see my Grand Father hooked to machines in the hospital, and it was heart breaking. Everyone, tell your family that you love them. You never know when you’ll lose them.

Now onto other good news. I have uploaded a short video describing what QuasiHobbies is about onto our YouTube channel. I’m still camera shy, but I think it turned out well despite the fact that I hastily recorded it at my makeshift desk. I’ll be recording more, and coming up with ideas this week, please stop by and see what I come up with!

End of QuasiHobby Updates Four

Well That’s all for this post everyone, more good than bad this time thankfully. It has been rough, but I’m thankful that I can use this as an outlet sometimes. Be sure to check out our other social media channels, and if you liked this post be sure to leave a comment, I very much enjoy reading them. Have a great Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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