QuasiHobby Updates Six

QuasiHobby Updates

Hello, and welcome to QuasiHobby updates number six. I am thinking of phasing this kind of post out altogether. Most times I let out any new, news early anyways. As for what is going on these days, I have been working on the QH store. So far I have three designs listed, and I am working on more. The service that I am using for the production of the shirts is a trusted service known as Printify. With this service I am able to choose between different distributors, and choose those with the best quality, price, and shipping times. Speaking of shipping times, I chose a distributor within the US. I know just how inconvenient it is to wait long shipping times, from outside the country. .

This fine example can be found in our shop!

The QuasiHobby Way

With the store being open for sales now, I will be using the donations tab for actual donations. I am going to work on a list of charitable foundations to put those donations towards. For December the number one foundation for me is probably going to be Toys for tots. The QuasiHobby way is to spread happiness and ease where we can, and for December it’s kids with rough childhoods that need it most. So in short this month all donations made will go to toys for tots to put a smile on children’s faces.

When it comes to what I’ve been working on in my spare time. I am on the search for a new job after resigning because of a semi-serious medical issue. I had attempted to go back to my job. However my position was filled, and there will not be an open position for awhile. This was unfortunate news, though I do not give in negativity. I have a couple offers on my desk now, and I’m excited to see where they lead.

All I know for certain is that I can not wait for the day, that QuasiHobbies becomes my full time job. This is the one thing I am truly passionate about. And I am taking my time to make sure it’s done right. Though some things have seemed insurmountable. I have even started taking classes on coding to be able to fix any new issues I come across easier. I just want this to succeed and I feel that one day it will, with enough hard work, and new ideas.

New Hobbies

My friends and I have started bigger group activities, such as an eight person game of 7 days to die. There was some debate on whether or not to do factions, co-op, or free-for-all. We ultimately decided to do Co-op because of the difficulty we had set.

My interest has also been piqued by D&D. Only a few of my friend group are experienced, and are already in a few campaigns. I am looking for a group to play with, and you can reach out through the contact tab if you are interested. Just be aware that I am new, and haven’t got a clue of what I am doing.

I mentioned earlier that I am taking classes on coding, well it’s more like free courses, and YouTube videos. I started with basic html, and am currently in the middle of css. There is already some practical things I could use it for. I am excited to keep learning, and applying it to make QH even better!

Is This The End Of QuasiHobby Updates?

Simply put, I don’t know yet. This is an easy avenue for me to provide updates on everything in one post. However I can also do that in Editors Thoughts for example. I could also make a specific post for each thing. There are a few possibilities, and we’ll just have to wait and see.

Oh, and just before I end the post, be sure to check our YouTube channel, I am going to start uploading here soon, so just give me a pre-emptive subscribe!

I don’t normally fish for feedback, however if you guys have any thoughts or you liked this post, please leave a like and a comment. If you want to support me, and the QuasiHobby way consider checking out our shop, or if you would like to you can make a donation using the donation tab below. All donations made are going to toys for tots for the entire month of December.

Thank you all for reading! Have an excellent Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

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