QuasiHobby Updates Two

QuasiHobby Updates

Last Week’s QuasiHobby Updates

To be honest, last week was slow and unproductive. I found out that the co-founder of one of my favorite game studios passed away on my birthday. I just got myself a copy of Fallout New Vegas for my Pc. Even though it’s a fairly old title, and nearly everyone has played it, maybe I’ll do a playthrough of it on YouTube just for old times sake. Yet another thing I put off last week was working on the videos. I’ve just been spending so much time with family, and my kids that I just put it all on the back burner. On the brighter side of things, all of the positive feedback that I’m seeing is great. That paired with our slow and steady growth has me optimistic. Whenever I get around to finishing up these video’s and uploading them, I am expecting even more growth.

In other good news, both of my grandparents will be returning to their respective homes this week. I am endlessly grateful that they both recovered from each of their conditions. My Grandfather muscled through Covid. My grandmother recovered from a small amputation related to Diabetes. Obviously great news, and this has furthered my positive outlook even more. So far this week on QuasiHobby Updates is looking to be just as positive.

That’s All For Now

I am far from a creative genius, however I’m definitely working to come up with new ideas. Perhaps I could come up with something on my upcoming fishing trip. However I suppose we’ll have to wait and find out. Until then keep checking back for more content, and news. You can find all of our usual links, and boxes below. Sign up for our newsletter to receive our latest article straight to your inbox every Monday. Anyways that’s all for now gang, thanks for your support, and positive comments. Every single one of them means a lot to me, and one day I will repay that kindness.

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